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So I was thinking about how Final Fantasy X is being remastered in HD, and how Square is probably maybe eventually going to do this to FF7 too since the fans keep asking for it...and I was thinking how BORING that sounds.

Instead, let's try remaking some of these later 50-hour+ FFs as games that'll fit on an SNES cartridge! Make the writers trim all that narrative bloat. Cut out the fetch quests and lamer dungeons. Just give me the essence of the story.

And let's see what happens when you go back to 16-bit graphics. No more load times. What I would give for no more load times. Sure, I'd miss the pretty FMVs, but it would be worth it. Imagine Cloud as a sprite, summoning Knights of the Round in sprite form. Ha ha ha, so retro progressive! Think of all the ridiculous press Square would get!

But seriously, I think it'd be an interesting experiment. It'd help us answer (or at least think about) the question of what we actually want in games. Pretty graphics? I don't mind 'em, but I want a good story and gameplay more. Realism? Characters with faces that look almost human? Personally, I like sprites better. But that's just me.
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Wow, make my LJ profile page more ugly please. Was going to post a screenshot of how awful my profile page looks on my monitor--the words are running into each other!--but decided that would take too much effort and probably everyone is seeing the same thing, right? Or is it just my weird screen resolution on my widescreen laptop?

Anyway, I went to a video game concert last week! I am such a geek.

Video Games Live concert )

Heh, I actually copied and pasted this description of the concert from an email I sent to my friends. Yay for plagiarizing myself! Saves so much time.

Zzzz. Me go bed now.

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