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Death Note movie SUBBED torrent (low res)
I haven't finished downloading this so I can't say how bad the quality is, but...who cares! Death Note movie subbed! Wheeeee!!!!!

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Season 2 finale teaser
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This thread on the animesuki.com forums contains some hilarious DN parodies. I especially like the swimming parodies and the Suzumiya Haruhi dance routine.

[Edit] A kind passerby also pointed out a link to Raito the Christmas Elf, guaranteed to take off ten years of your life even without any kind of eyeball trade.
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The DN anime does a fantastic job of showing how much power Raito has in that pen of his. It made me think...if Raito hadn't found the Death Note, he would still eventually gain the power to change lives with the stroke of a pen, no doubt about it. Scary.

I've got high hopes for the anime. It's already making me think about different things from the manga.
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Today my students were practicing "do you know how to" sentences in class, and one of them asked me, "Do you know how to use a Death Note?"

Of course I answered, "Yes, I do!" ^_^  ^_^  ^_^

Any idiot can use a Death Note. Just look at Misa Misa.

When I joked about all the [community profile] blind_go-ers having to make five aftermath posts, I didn't think people would actually do it. But then, most of those people are already well on their way to making quota. *wrings hands*

Hey, this counts as an aftermath post, right?

[Edit] Apparently this post doesn't have enough spazz in it. Okay then!

Oh my gosh I'm going to die from reading too many great fics in one sitting!!

Yeargh I can't guess anything everything is too good!!



Okay, good night. Zzzzz.
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Okay, before anyone has a spaz that I'm writing non [community profile] blind_go fic right now, I should mention that I originally wrote this DN ficlet back in July for ye olde anonymous meme in [personal profile] svz_insanity's journal. She accused me of being Michael Jackson at the time, for which I can never forgive her. Anyway, I edited it slightly and I'm finally posting it in my journal and yeah I'm procrastinating on blind_go shut up shut up shut up.

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Title: Chrysalis
Fandom: Death Note and Sailor Moon crossover

Characters: Ami, Usagi
Genre: Drama
Spoilers: Very vagues ones for DN chapter 87 or so
Summary: Ami copes with Kira's world.

Chrysalis )
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Clues within! )

Sadly, this posting could probably describe a lot of manga/anime, aside from the last two clues.

Most of these ideas were stolen from [livejournal.com profile] issen4's wonderful crossover fic A View of the Universe. But don't look at the fic until you can figure out what two series I'm talking about above!

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