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Jan. 9th, 2016 12:19 pm
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Hikaru no Go - Go is Magic
I have been drawing a lot lately. Anyone on my flist want a drawing? Make a request in comments! 

my tumblr for my art. 

I was thinking of taking commissions for charity for my drawings, but maybe I'll do that when I
 can draw better. -_-  
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Since I've been drawing a lot lately, I've been thinking of taking art commissions for charity on a casual basis. 

I.e. someone says "draw x" and when I have time I draw it, send it to them, they get to decide how much they think it's worth, and they send an according amount of money to a charity of their (or my?) choice. It would all be done on an honour system because honestly,  my art is not that great and I don't think people would lie to get it. Also am too lazy to set up anything more strict when I don't think I'll get many requests anyway. XD 

Was thinking of doing the actual requests on Dreamwidth because it's easier than Tumblr to track things. I still don't really understand Tumblr, although that's where I usually post art. Also, would probably get fewer requests on Dreamwidth, and that's kind of what I want. This is just supposed to get a little social good out of a hobby I do anyway, not make it into a big time-eating project.  

Any advice from anyone about this? I googled a bit to see if there are any groups that already do this that I could just join, and there are some, but I didn't see anything that looked really established and on-going. If anyone knows any, let me know!  

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So technically I've had a tumblr account for a while, but I don't use it much.


I will use it mainly to post crappy iphone art methinks.
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Let's say, hypothetically, I wanted to do a fanart picspam. I don't know how to do that! Aaahhh! 

Can anyone answer these questions for me?  

1. Is it okay to hyperlink directly to fanart on Pixiv or Deviantart, but not on other sites? 

2. If you want to re-upload a fanart image somewhere, you have to ask permission first, right? 

3. What's a good server to host images?

4. If I wanted to ask people to post links to their favourite fanart, they should post links to the main page of a site, not the fanart directly, right? I think? What would be the best way to do this?  

5. Will I always be a n00b? (Probably.) 

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How can anyone remove themselves from the morass (more ass?) that is tumblr? 

You find such interesting stuff! 

Hikaru no Go photos:
Sai and Hikaru cosplay
Sai with flute cosplay
Go blanket

Hikaru no Go fanart:
Phoenix Wright crossover, OMG Sai is Maya (scroll down)
Touya with cat, wearing his Kaio insane asylum uniform
Gorgeous fantasy AU fanart

More gorgeous fantasy (historical?) AU fanart. Webpage is in Chinese, but [livejournal.com profile] harumi has summarized what's going on in the comic!
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For the one year anniversary of [profile] hikago_djs, the theme of the day is animals. I'd hoped to have a fanfic ready for today, but, well, I seem to have forgotten how to write. But I have fanart!

Waya )
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Akira looking like he's about to go Super-Saiyajin:


Pretty nifty fanart site in general, with some terrific artwork and rather unconventional settings. Plus more than just HikaGo. Main page is here:


Speaking of fanart, I'm trying to relocate a Japanese fanart I saw a while back of Waya gone commando (not in the naked sense, in the army sense). He's toting a gun, maybe an AK47, wearing camoflauge gear (of course), and the camera angle is slightly from below, I think. I'm not just looking for that pic, I'm looking for the website as a whole because I remember the art being excellent. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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