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I have a few TMNT fans on my friendslist, right? Read this fic: 

Captive by Amicitia Revenant.
Author's summary: We are all prisoners of our past, our bias, our fear. But for a twist of fate, things could have ended almost before they began. AU from the opening episodes of 2k3. Warning for violent deaths.

It's mainly based off the 2003 cartoon, but it doesn't really matter if you've seen that particular iteration of the turtles--the story is really about the origin myth of TMNT as a whole, and the assumptions we have about it. 

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Title: Empire Under Sun
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 Cartoon Series)
Characters: Leonardo, Chapman, Donatello
Genre: Drama, horror
Wordcount: 6167
Summary: Leonardo alive, and his brothers dead: this is Karai's revenge, not her mercy. An AU taking place after the episode "Same As It Never Was." Because everyone needs to write a SAINW fic.
Note: I don't like the title of this fic. Any suggestions for a new title would be much appreciated

He wakes to find: Cold concrete floor, pressed against his cheek. His own breaths, wet and shuddering, rattling in his chest. )
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Final Fantasy 6:
Straight-up novelization (comicization?) of the game. Fun nostalgia trip. Art gets better as it goes along. I like how she draws Figaro Castle - it's the best you can do with a desert city populated by blond people (and giant chickens), methinks. 
Starts here.
Chapter 6 and on can most easily be read at the author's deviantart page. 
A tumblr where you can ask Celes questions, and she answers with a picture response every day. Sometimes Locke answers too. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 
A very long AU. Dark, with bits of humour here and there. Based on a mix of the original comic (the Mirage universe) and the 2003 cartoon. All black and white, which I like. Quite a few OC characters.  
Starts here

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