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Apr. 12th, 2013 10:31 am
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 Hi! This Dreamwidth account is mainly used for posting my fanfiction. You can take a look at my tags or my fanfiction.net account to see what I've written. I am no longer updating my memories as of April 9, 2013.

I am also flonnebonne on LivejournalIf you knew me on LJ, please add me to your circle on Dreamwidth! I'm slowly trying to move my friendslist from LJ over here. 

In general, feel free to add me to your circle/friendlist, comment on any of my posts, or just lurk. I hardly ever lock anything and I don't bite (at least not online I don't).
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Title: The Games of Spring
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Genre: Drama, Romance
Characters: Waya, Isumi
Wordcount: 1845
Summary: Waya and Isumi spend May 5 like old farts: drinking beer (even though Waya is technically underage), playing the slowest game of go in the world, and not paying any attention to the Hokuto Cup that Waya failed to qualify for, no sirree. Submitted to Blind Go Round 18. Comes after "The Games of Summer" and "The Games of Winter." 

The Games of Spring )

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Title: Yose
Fandoms: Hikaru no Go, Ender's Game 
Genre: Drama, Crossover, Space opera 
Characters: Shindou Hikaru, Nase Asumi, Hong Suyong
Wordcount: 12,360 words
Summary: The last story in my Hikago/Ender's Game crossover series, which started with "Hikaru's Game" in 2006. (Holy crap.) It is the Third Invasion, and Hikaru is the captain of a starship on the way to the war front. But along the way he comes to understand just how much he's been lied to about the nature of this war... 

Yose )



Sep. 3rd, 2016 05:57 pm
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Got an Imzy invite thanks to ukefied, signed up as flonnebonne. Haven't really figured out how to use it yet. Interface on phone is kind of bad right now, but we'll see how it goes. It fandom migrates over there I'll go. I am tired of Tumblr. 
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levels of investment by skittidyne 
It took me a while, but I finally found a fic with lots of volleyball in it! Tsukishima POV, which means lots of delightful meanness, but basically all of Karasuno is featured here. Very fun short fic about the team goofing off and thinking about what Karasuno will look like next year.  

(BTW did anyone watch the Serbia v.s. USA and Serbia v.s. China women's volleyball matches during the Olympics??? So good!!) 

Hikaru no Go 

Paper Cranes by spontaneite 
"Two years passed before Hikaru admitted, reluctantly, that possession by a spirit seemed to have long-lasting side effects which probably wouldn’t go away on their own." Took a while for me to get into this, but great premise and great Hikaru voice. Five chapters so far.   

Caught in a Thousand Strings by Thai_Tea_Addict  
"Sai wakes up to find everything he'd gone through to be a dream." Again, this took me a while to get into, but there's a reason this fic has 380 comments on it. The plot is pretty damn gripping. Read the warnings though--child abuse, child prostitution, etc. 

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Been on a big Haikyuu kick lately! Decided to store some of the fun fan stuff I've been consuming here. 

Big list of extra canon material:
List of translated Pixiv doujinshi: 



Jul. 12th, 2016 11:54 pm
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Today I was at a dinner with my 40-something-year-old cousins and their kids and my 26-year-old brother and everyone at the table except my niece from the Philippines was playing Pokemon Go. Then my niece downloaded Pokemon Go. 

Please note that Pokemon Go has not been released in my country yet. 
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I am on a train in Japan, my pocket wi-fi is spotty, and it's actually May the 6th over here, but Happy Hikago Day! Yesterday I went to a park with tons of koi flags and now I have some tiny plastic and paper koi flags in my luggage :)

Check out all dese blind-go fics!

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This fic is probably completely incoherent and full of typoes, but I wanted to get it out today for some reason. Enjoy.

Title: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And It's All Yang Hai's Fault)
Genre: Humour, Parody
Wordcount: 2423
Summary: Waya has this weird dream about a computer beating the fourth best go pro in the world! Ha ha! No way. And all this other crazy stuff with the helicopter and the explosions and the go-playing clones is all a dream too! Ha ha! No sweat.

Staying up late / All these days in a row / Cause of AlphaGo / Yo yo yo )

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(awefaoefiaef;eif had this post all typed up and then I accidentally deleted it -_-)
Google's computer AI AlphaGo has beaten the 4th-ranked player in the world, Korea's 33-year-old Lee Sedol! 
I have been staying up late to watch the official Google streams for Games 4 and 5, so I am slightly incoherent from sleep deprivation! 
I didn't udnerstand much of the go, but I loved watching the streams anyway, partly because one of the commentators, Michael Redmond (the only 9-dan from North America), has beautiful stone-handling and he was totally sassing the other commentator. 
I learned a couple of new go terms from the commentary, although they are somewhat non-sensical to me: "Nice Aji (taste)! There's good Moyou (pattern/shape) over here!" And I guess I kind of re-learned some terms that I should have learned form Hikago (Ko, Knight's move, Atari...) and a bunch of other random bits of go strategy. 
I felt pretty sad after Lee Sedol lost Game 3, but then he said "Today is Lee Sedol's defeat, not humanity's defeat." True! Now I am mostly just excited and hyper :D This is amazing technology, and all this hubbub over go is amazing too! 
I was pretty psyched when I saw Aja Hwang, the guy who was placing moves for Alpha Go, holding his stones in the amateurish way that Hikaru does at the beginning of HnG :) Saaaaaaiii!  
Other random observations and facts: 
-AlphaGo won 3 games in a row, clinching the best-of-five series, then lost game 4. Some are saying AlphaGo has a subprogram that tells it to purposely lose when it's starting to look too scary so that the humans won't unplug it :D 
-In game 4, move 78 by Lee Sedol was apparently brilliant. “Lee Sedol played the Divine Move.” —Gu Li.
-Other people are saying "AlphaGo has a weakness! You just have to play the Divine Move!" XD
-AlphaGo played some "nonsense moves" (Redmond's comment) after move 78, although I think the jury is out on whether those were actually "bad" moves. AlphaGo doesn't think like a human go pro--it tries to maximize its chances of winning rather than maximizing its point count. It doesn't play greedy and usually wins by small margins. 
-After game 4, Lee Sedol said that AlphaGo is better at playing white than black, which is perhaps why Lee won that game. It makes sense that AlphaGo, with its conservative style, would not be as strong at playing aggressively to make up for the komi (which was 7.5). 
-Lee Sedol has a very high-pitched voice XD 
-My brother said that when he watched the Game 5 stream live, there were shots of Lee Sedol looking really sad, but later on when he showed me the stream it seems like those shots were taken out. 
-AlphaGo first learned by playing strong amateurs on the internet, but after that it mainly learned from playing itself. Isn't that slightly alarming! Stephen Hawking is probably not happy. 
-There are two versions of AlphaGo: the stronger distributed version, comprising 1200 cpus, and the individual version, which is just one cpu. Lee Sedol played the distributed version. 
-Running AlphaGo is too expensive to allow it to play very often.
-AlphaGo has a system just for time management--to decide things like "is this move important? How much time should I spend thinking about it?" 
-The next person to play AlphaGo will be the current top-rated pro, China's 18-year-old Ke Jie. After game 2, Ke Jie blogged, “Even if AlphaGo can defeat Lee Se-dol, it can’t beat me." Later, he said his chances of winning have gone down because AlphaGo learns so fast. 

-AlphaGo should probably be referred to as an "it," but I've heard people referring to it as "she"? (Can anyone confirm?) 
Mwaaaar why is the world such an interesting place????

[edit] I posted some interesting links related to the lee sedol matches on the hikarunogo dreamwidth community just now. 

Want a pic?

Jan. 9th, 2016 12:19 pm
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Hikaru no Go - Go is Magic
I have been drawing a lot lately. Anyone on my flist want a drawing? Make a request in comments! 

my tumblr for my art. 

I was thinking of taking commissions for charity for my drawings, but maybe I'll do that when I
 can draw better. -_-  
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Nyuk nyuk nyuk I placed a hold for the last Temeraire book, League of Dragons (coming out May 2016), at my local library and I think I am first in line. 

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Title: Final Fantasy VI: The Last Name 
Genre: Humour, Parody
Wordcount: 3883 
Summary: Setzer realizes he doesn't know the last name of anyone on his ship, and goes on a quest to fill in the passenger logbook. This ends up being a weirder endeavour than he thought. 

(yes, I realize this fic has a lame title, but the fic is lame too, in a very particular way)

Click for fic )

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Since I've been drawing a lot lately, I've been thinking of taking art commissions for charity on a casual basis. 

I.e. someone says "draw x" and when I have time I draw it, send it to them, they get to decide how much they think it's worth, and they send an according amount of money to a charity of their (or my?) choice. It would all be done on an honour system because honestly,  my art is not that great and I don't think people would lie to get it. Also am too lazy to set up anything more strict when I don't think I'll get many requests anyway. XD 

Was thinking of doing the actual requests on Dreamwidth because it's easier than Tumblr to track things. I still don't really understand Tumblr, although that's where I usually post art. Also, would probably get fewer requests on Dreamwidth, and that's kind of what I want. This is just supposed to get a little social good out of a hobby I do anyway, not make it into a big time-eating project.  

Any advice from anyone about this? I googled a bit to see if there are any groups that already do this that I could just join, and there are some, but I didn't see anything that looked really established and on-going. If anyone knows any, let me know!  

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I have a few TMNT fans on my friendslist, right? Read this fic: 

Captive by Amicitia Revenant.
Author's summary: We are all prisoners of our past, our bias, our fear. But for a twist of fate, things could have ended almost before they began. AU from the opening episodes of 2k3. Warning for violent deaths.

It's mainly based off the 2003 cartoon, but it doesn't really matter if you've seen that particular iteration of the turtles--the story is really about the origin myth of TMNT as a whole, and the assumptions we have about it. 

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[community profile] blind_go reveals for Round 17 have been...revealed!

Here's my fic: 

Title: An earnest wish, granted (part 1 of ?)
Genre: Drama, angst
Wordcount: 3226 so far
Summary: ...how do I summarize this fic. Hikaru is acting funny. Not funny ha ha but funny strange. And yeah his mother is worried, like always, but more worried than always. It's sad and weird. Someone help me summarize this fic properly.  

Click for fic )

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Some awesome soul remixed my sad little ficlet The Silent Path into a beautiful, perfect full-length story. It is the best Akari story ever. Read it! 

Fic meme!

Jun. 18th, 2015 10:34 am
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Fic meme below from [personal profile] issenllo 

Ten things that you think are common in your fic:

1. Puns
2. Repetitivenessivity
3. Attempts at humour
4. Accidental triple-spacing
5. So much dialogue
6. Everyone sounding like the same person (me) in their dialogue
7. OOC
8. AU
9. Fish/fishing, for some reason 
10. Pretentious aaaaaangst

Ten things you think are uncommon in your fic although commonly found in fic in general:

1. Sex
2. Kissing
3. Romance
4. Love
5. People figuring out their sexuality
6. Zombies
7. Present tense
8. Description
9. The word "curl"
10. Good writing

Ten things you wish were more true of your fic (just ten?):

1. Good writing
4. Longfic
5. Finished fic
6. Research, used effectively
7. Female characters
8. Flow
9. Less thinking 
10. A way to save the environment 

Hm, this was a weird exercise.

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I've known about this for a while, but now I've got an article to back it up: the average animator in Japan makes less than $10,000 US dollars (one million yen). 


Time to stop using free streaming sites! I mostly watch on Crunchyroll nowadays anyway...

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I mentioned wanting to play the RPG Child of Light a while back. My brothers and I finished it a few months ago and it is just as beautiful as the trailer promised. It's not just the graphics--the music is remarkable. You can have a listen at the artist's website.

The gameplay is lots of fun--the battle system is quite original, and even just moving around the map is fun. And it can be two-player! Honestly, I don't know why companies don't make RPGs multiplayer more often.

The story is generally good, and the writing is uneven but it's genuinely trying to do something different. It's all written in rhyme and meter in this airy, fairy-taley way, but sometimes you can tell the writers needed more time to polish their verses. The ending felt rushed too. But these are minor quibbles. Overall, best RPG I've played in a long time.

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Happy Hikago Day! Because I am a terrible, no good, horrible person, I have created a collection of (rather low-quality) screenshots of Hikaru going from mildly worried to crying his head off on May 5.

Enjoy! (Because you are terrible too!) )

Dropbox link (in case all those pics turn into broken images

This post was totally inspired by you people and also this totally depressing but wonderful essay

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