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Apr. 12th, 2013 10:31 am
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 Hi! This Dreamwidth account is mainly used for posting my fanfiction. You can take a look at my tags or my fanfiction.net account to see what I've written. I am no longer updating my memories as of April 9, 2013.

I am also flonnebonne on LivejournalIf you knew me on LJ, please add me to your circle on Dreamwidth! I'm slowly trying to move my friendslist from LJ over here. 

In general, feel free to add me to your circle/friendlist, comment on any of my posts, or just lurk. I hardly ever lock anything and I don't bite (at least not online I don't).
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If you're watching Attack on Titan, you probably also want to watch Attack on Titan Junior High

It's not on Crunchyroll! 

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 I'ma gonna rec this fic! 

Summary: A year after Sai's disappearance, Hikaru returns to Innoshima. And gets possessed once more by a Go-playing ghost – this time, Honinbou Shuusaku.Except Shuusaku doesn't want to play Go, and frankly, Hikaru doesn't know what to do with that.

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Here's what I wrote for Inter High 2017: 

Regret Whatever
(3640 words) for [personal profile] prillalar 
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Slam Dunk
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Akagi Takenori, Mitsui Hisashi, Kogure Kiminobu, Akagi Haruko, Ayako (Slam Dunk), Sakuragi Hanamichi, Rukawa Kaede, Miyagi Ryota
Summary: The Shohoku boys regret everything and nothing.

...I realize this fic is kind of a spiritual successor to another SD fic of mine, Imagination, and by "spiritual successor" I mean "almost the exact same story." Lol.

That said, this fic was a super fun fic to write, and I am so glad that [personal profile] prillalar requested Slam Dunk :) I think this might be the fandom I most enjoy writing for. Love the gangsta boys and the basketball action and the fact that I actually understand a bit about basketball, unlike most of the other sports/games I try to write about lalalala.  

BIG thank you to cryforthedream for beta-ing the fic and catching some really big gaffs! Certain parts of the fic probably wouldn't have made any sense without his input. I owe you one, man.

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AAHHHHH I got my Interhigh present and it is beyond my wildest dreams!!!

Check out Izumi from Princess Nine being her super TEENAGE ANGSTY REBELLIOUS CRAZY SELF in awesome super creative comic form!!

I cannot believe I got something so involved, and for an old fandom like Princess Nine!! I am so happy and lucky and ducky right now :D :D :D

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 Here's something I posted at http://japanese.livejournal.com/2381436.html, reproduced here for posterity: 

I've been using a (mostly) free iOS app called Webu to practice my reading skills, and I've found it immensely helpful. It's basically a web browser, but when you click on a word it quickly brings up a the Japanese-English dictionary entry and plays the audio out loud. You can also quickly make a flash card for the word for later study. The flash card contains the example sentence you initially saw the word in, and it also lets you go back to the website where you originally saw the word. There are other features too, but I'd say the web browsing and the flash cards are the main ones. 

It's a new app, so it's still got some bugs here and there, but when I emailed the developer he was super nice and implemented some of my suggestions. For example, I asked him to make new types of flash cards and he did! I'm pretty amazed at how kind and responsive he's been. The developer is looking for more users, of course, so I'm promoting the app here now :) Not being paid, I promise! Just want to spread the word. 

Note: the free version of Webu has some limitations on how many words you can look up per hour and how many flash cards you can save (100). The limitations aren't too bad though--if I weren't studying for the JLPT this year, I would have probably just kept using the free version. In a way the limitations are sometimes good: it's helpful sometimes to force yourself to not look up too many words (so you learn to figure things out more from context). But when you're cramming for the JLPT you do things a little differently :D Anyway, the paid features are only a couple dollars each, at least in the Canadian app store, so if you want them they don't break the bank. 

Link to Webu on the App Store

User Guide for Webu

One more thing: the developer also has another app called Sabu, which is similar to Webu except that it's for videos. Mind you, I haven't tried out Sabu yet because there's no free trial version and I have no room for video files on my phone. But it sounds very useful. You can play a video on your iPhone with two sets of subtitltes, and when you encounter a word you want to learn you can click on it to look it up, hear it, and add it to flash cards. The rewinding and forwarding and such also seem to be really tailored for language learning. 

Link to Sabu on the App Store

Sabu website

Sabu feature description

Hope some of this is helpful!

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I've installed a version of Dragon on my computer. Its accuracy level is pretty damn high. I'm using a blue Snowball microphone, and I think this is the right choice because it lets me freely kind of move around this I might have to pick up the blue microphone by Sedo that's that's all right I prefer this over wearing a headset because headsets are uncomfortable on my head, since I wear glasses.
It's still pretty difficult to use voice to text technology because it really changes the way you write., However I think it is worth it in the end, and actually the divorce sex technology is kind of about more than just writing. It's also about controlling your computer and telling it to open programs for you search the web, and so on.
I wonder if I will ever get used to saying to my computer selects this and inserts there and correct the spelling, and so on, but I can really see how powerful it could be. I mean it's something that will ultimately save me time, and my fingers and you know I I a little hesitance to try new things but this really looks like coming I can get behind.
It's actually pretty fun a lot more fun then Google voice recognition which are tried as well. I wonder this pod casters might be better at this than writers like me? I suppose that using this technology might make me a better speaker, which would be really helpful for my profession will by professional life.
Anyway, back to writing – Dragon is different from other voice to text technology in that it's is great for moving your cursor around, selecting things, and doing other towards the commands which I haven't even explored yet because I am just starting to use Dragon right now. I'm not sure if other people use Dragon for editing but I think I might try it out a little bit on this document.
Another thing I haven't tried yet is recording my voice when I'm not in front of the computer and sending them voice file to Dragon to interpret. This sounds like it's might help me to you know use my undead time like waiting at the bus or taking a walk more effectively, so you know instead of just a clicking scenery me thinking about my novel. Actually that sounds kind of awful as I go on walks to think that I guess it is not a do-gooder on walks to exercise.
Well I guess my excuse of you know my hands hurting is not one that I can use anymore,; I can write like this,; this is actually somewhat like writing. I just have to picture the words in my head as I'm speaking. No one well scratch that I haven't heard anyone say this technique yet. Delete., But I suppose that a highly visual person like me is probably have to picture the words in her head and maybe that's what I have to do to make my public speaking better to. I have to actually picture what I'm saying allowed? No, that doesn't sound right. Note that using Dragon include if that.
You can see that this writing method is very different and perhaps a bit disorganized for me. I will probably need to go back and edit this; actually, I won't. I am going to leave it the way it is so that it is really clear what I have been defaced ends the process involved. It'll be interesting to look at this in a year or so and see how far come along with this technology.

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I bought a Blue Snowball exclamation point next paragraph new berry

I bought a Blue Snowball microphone to help me try out dictation. The version I bought has both cardioid and omnidirectional settings. Cardioid means it only picks up sound from in front of it. This means that you can possibly use it even if there's other noise in the room. Omnidirectional means it picks up sound all around it. This means you can even walk around a bit and talk and it’ll hear you.

I am writing up this DW entry right now using the new microphone + Google Docs voice recognition, and it seems to be working pretty well. I'm walking around as I do it. I have to correct a LOT of mistakes, so I’m going to eventually try out Dragon Naturally Speaking to make this go more smoothly, but for now this is not bad.

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I wrote 6264 words in Feburary

I've written 19609 words this year. 

I'm 26% of the way to my goal of 75,000 words in 2017. 

Am following advice from the book 5000 Words Per Hour: Write Faster, Writer Smarter, and am liking it, but my hands hurt! Especially the third and fourth fingers on my right hand. So I'm going to follow one of the last pieces of advice in the book, which is to use voice dictation. It's a weird adjustment, it takes a long time to train the software, and the software/hardware seems kind of finicky, but in the long run it'll hopefully be worth it, both at work and home. 

Also got a little more involved with the GYWO community, which is active and friendly and absolutely wonderful. I tried out some of the community's advice on outlining and productivity, signed up for a bingo card on literary devices (I wish I had chosen genre or setting instead -_-), and participated in a word war--just once, because the schedule doesn't work out with mine, but I'll try again when I'm less busy with work. 

Currently writing: a long, silly FF6 fic, and my assignment for Interhigh 2017! Also need to eventually type out (or dictate?) my silly handwritten Chihayafuru fic, and get back to work on my silly novel. La la la ~

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I might be in Sydney from August 23-30 this year! With my dad and a couple of middle-aged friends. Any advice on places to stay, things to do? We're thinking of staying at an airBnB to save money.  

Also, I know I have some Australians on my friendslist...anyone going to be in Sydney around that time?


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My little brother and I finished the game a few weeks ago, and it was fun! Definitely not what I expected (which was a Kingdom Hearts clone), but a pleasant surprise, not a nasty one.

I have a sneaking suspicion that part of the reason the development cycle took so long was because the creators had to spend a few years clawing Nomura's influence out of the game and then figuring out what to do with the remaining mess. As my little brother put it, "I'm glad it didn't end up being a game based on nothing but some old character designs Nomura did," which is what it looked like it was going to be for the longest time. There IS something of substance here, although what that substance is is...weird. 

Spoilery talk about FFXV's themes )
In conclusion, 8.5 out of 10! 

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If there is a sports anime god, one day Princess Nine will get a second season.

(Also, for years I thought this was a TENNIS series lol.) 

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Title: The Youngest Oldest Summoner In the World
Fandom: FF4
Genre: Humour
Characters: Rydia and the rest 
Wordcount: 1543 words 
Summary: Rydia's life is not the most chronologically logical. A silly account of Rydia's growing up in FFIV and not growing old in FFIV: The After Years. The spiritual successor to my other fic "Do Not Talk to Mountains (They Talk Back)."
Link to story at Archiveofourown.org
Link to story at Fanfiction.net
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Interhigh 2017, a sports anime/manga fanfic and fanart exchange, is open for sign-ups! 

For more information, see the challenge profile.

I signed up! I am usually kind of intimidated by challenges because, uh, I don't like reading the instructions, but Interhigh has an easy-to-understand sign-up form and is pretty low-pressure (one 1000-word fic or one 600x400 pixel fanart for your recipient). And it's sports anime! I like sports anime. 


Feb. 2nd, 2017 09:09 pm
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I seem to have deleted a 5000-word FFIV story when I was moving files around. Only the much, much older version with like 500 words is still around. I can't find the new version in my Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive garbage bins...or my desktop or laptop recycle bins...I must have saved over it. 

Argh. It was a crappy story, and I wrote it before Get Your Words Out started, but it is still kind of killing me that it's gone. 

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Just did my January check-in for [community profile] getyourwordsout, and I've written 13,345 words so far this year. Doing well on my 75,000 word goal!  

I'm including blog posts and long comments in word count, but most of what I've written so far is fic. I think I am sometimes being wordier than I need to be at times because of the word count requirement, but meh, at least I am writing. 

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Title: Five People Hikaru Kind of Told About Sai (And One He Actually Told)
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Genre: Gen
Characters: Hikaru, Hikaru's dad, Waya, Akari, Tsutsui, Kaga, Hikaru's grandpa, Touya
Wordcount: 5000 words 
Summary: What it says on the tin. Everyone has to write one of these eventually, right? 
Link to story at Archiveofourown.org
Link to story at Fanfiction.net

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Title: Hair Despair

Fandom: Hikaru no Go

Genre: Humour 

Characters: Shindou Hikaru, Touya Akira

Wordcount: 861 words 

Summary: Touya's hair is getting way too stupidly long. 

Clicky clicky )

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Total writing word count for 2017 as of January 8: 7184 words 

-2500 words of the draft of a Chihayafuru fic (on paper)
-4633 words of sports anime meta + responses to comments 
-151 words below lol 

I'm doing pretty well on my 75,000 word goal! I've been on vacation from work, however, so we'll see how I do when things go back to normal. 

Working on paper has definitely been helpful, but the thought of typing up my drafts is daunting. I hate typing. I've tried using my iPhone's dictation feature, but it's pretty slow, considering that you have to say "quote" and "end quote" and "next paragraph" an awful lot whenever you're doing dialogue (which I do a lot of). You also have to to back and fix all the mistakes that are inevitably introduced when you use voice-to-text--especially uncommon names, which I also have a lot of -_- 

I'm working on making my typing setup better (keyboard tray, wrist rests, using inverted colours more, program to force me to rest...maybe I'll get a mechanical keyboard at home too), but we'll see how it goes. 

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I've been having a lot of meta thoughts about sports anime lately, thanks to Haikyuu!! and Yuri!!! On Ice (what is it with exclamation points in anime titles nowadays). Also Chihayafuru, which feels like a really underappreciated series grumble grumble.

Anyway, today I want to talk about the idea of "Real Life" in sports anime and manga. Ha ha. I'm going to identify some series that are so focused on sports that they are almost escapist, and then sports series that have a lot of Life in them, and then I'm going to talk about how some sports series let you escape for a while and then inject a dose of Life in them through what I call "Life Intrusion Moments." And then I'm going to relate this to other genres, and to writing in general. 

Note: I haven't done enough research to write a real essay here, and I'm going to only cut out the worst spoilers, so yeah, this bit of meta will mainly be for me me me me me. Also, I've never seen some of the really important sports series out there (like most of Eyeshield 21, Hajime no Ippo, and pretty much all of the baseball and soccer ones, yikes), and I haven't seen any series with female stars, so this is going to necessarily be a limited analysis of whatever I feel like and know. Wah. 

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I was asking a couple of my volleyball-playing relatives how realistic Haikyuu is (short answer: 85%) and one of them, this big hulking guy who's somewhere around forty years old, revealed that his team's name is Karasuno. 

...AHAHAHAHAHAHA best. Christmas. present. ever. 

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