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I watched the first fifteen or so episodes of Magic Knight Rayearth about fifteen years ago, making for a nice symmetry, yeah? But, alas, I couldn't get my hands on the rest of the series (I was watching fansubs borrowed from a cousin) and never finished watching it...until now!

Spoilery reactions... )

And now, the important question is...does anyone have any fic recs for MKR? I'm not looking for any characters or pairings in particular, I just want some well-written fic.

Hm, I should get my hands on the MKR manga one of these days.
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Is there any crossover fic out there about the Golden Pair of Seigaku and the Golden Pair of Kolkhoz High (Ranma 1/2)?

Because I could totally see this scenario where Mikado "accidentally" bumps into one of the more girly-looking memebers of the Seigaku tennis club (aka: Fuji) and has to apologize for his rudeness with a kiss and then Kikumaru comes along and is aghast that his best friend is getting assaulted frenched by a handsome male stranger while Fuji is totally amused and not enlightening Mikado on who he just kissed and then Azusa notices how gosh darn cute that widdle Kikumaru is and names him Lyonette and Oishi is not amused so they have to have a MARTIAL ARTS FIGURE SKATING BATTLE ROYALE which Kikumaru would be awesome at except he can't skate alas and so on.

Also, has anyone had the audacity to do a crossover or fusion with Shindou Hikaru (Hikaru no Go) and Shidou Hikaru (Magic Knights Rayearth)?

Mreow! I can totally see why no one has written these fics yet.

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