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So everyone used to use Semagic to post on LJ, right? But Semagic isn't optimized for DW, and before I download anything I was hoping to get some advice.

Features I'm looking for:

-Doesn't screw up formatting. I have such a hard time with italics and <hr> tags and whatnot when I try to post sfrom my browser. LJ cuts never seem to work right too.

-It would be great if I could paste stuff from Google Docs or Word into it, although I doubt there's any client that could deal with the ugly code that Google Docs and Word produce.

-Compatibility with both PC and Mac would be nice, although just PC would be fine.

-Crossposting from DW to LJ. 

-Easy to edit entries in the future, either from the client program or from a browser. 

-General lack of bugs! 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! 
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So I've been crossposting from Dreamwidth to LJ like a good little girl. And generally it works fine.

But I've noticed that I've gotten comments on the LJ side that haven't generated notifications in my email inbox a couple times. Other times it's been fine. Does anyone else have this problem? 

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 Hi! This Dreamwidth account is mainly used for posting my fanfiction. You can take a look at my tags or my fanfiction.net account to see what I've written. I am no longer updating my memories as of April 9, 2013.

I am also flonnebonne on LivejournalIf you knew me on LJ, please add me to your circle on Dreamwidth! I'm slowly trying to move my friendslist from LJ over here. 

In general, feel free to add me to your circle/friendlist, comment on any of my posts, or just lurk. I hardly ever lock anything and I don't bite (at least not online I don't).
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I'm trying to move to Dreamwidth from LJ again. For realz this time! 

The thing that always holds me back is the pain in the ass of friending my friendlist over on Dreamwidth. Of course if I'd done this when everyone else was moving it probably would have been a lot easier...

Any hints? 

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Question: If I comment on someone's journal and it's marked as spam (so I see my comment as greyed out), does the person whose journal I posted in see the comment at all? 
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I usually post to LJ through the online interface using Firefox, but it's really, really sucked lately, and it seems to be getting worse. Just now it ate a whole bunch of edits I made to one of my old fics.

I think it's time to get off my lazy ass and move to Dreamwidth, though I'll keep crossposting on LJ. I'm worried that LJ will blow up one day and take my journal with it.

I'm probably going to follow this guide to moving from LJ to Dreamwidth, but does anyone have any advice or cautions to give me before I move? Or any reasons why I shouldn't move?

[Edit] Actually, I'm still too lazy to move. Downloaded a decent LJ client instead.

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