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About Locke is a fancomic about why Locke is a dick. (That's the word they use.) I actually like Locke, but I do admit he can be a dick.

How to Break Final Fantasy VI is an article about how to break the entire game with an awesome glitch. The Relm sketch glitch and Psycho Cyan are nothing next to this. 

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Final Fantasy 6:
Straight-up novelization (comicization?) of the game. Fun nostalgia trip. Art gets better as it goes along. I like how she draws Figaro Castle - it's the best you can do with a desert city populated by blond people (and giant chickens), methinks. 
Starts here.
Chapter 6 and on can most easily be read at the author's deviantart page. 
A tumblr where you can ask Celes questions, and she answers with a picture response every day. Sometimes Locke answers too. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 
A very long AU. Dark, with bits of humour here and there. Based on a mix of the original comic (the Mirage universe) and the 2003 cartoon. All black and white, which I like. Quite a few OC characters.  
Starts here

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