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Happy belated Hikago day! I wanted to post something on May 5th but I didn't have anything ready -_- 

But! You can check out the 5 fics at tuulentupa's unofficial blind-go post, one of which is mine!

And below the cut is a snippet of an unfinished Ochi fic. I like writing Ochi. He's always grouchy. 

The Big Slump )
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Title: The Games of Spring
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Genre: Drama, Romance
Characters: Waya, Isumi
Wordcount: 1845
Summary: Waya and Isumi spend May 5 like old farts: drinking beer (even though Waya is technically underage), playing the slowest game of go in the world, and not paying any attention to the Hokuto Cup that Waya failed to qualify for, no sirree. Submitted to Blind Go Round 18. Comes after "The Games of Summer" and "The Games of Winter." 

The Games of Spring )

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I am on a train in Japan, my pocket wi-fi is spotty, and it's actually May the 6th over here, but Happy Hikago Day! Yesterday I went to a park with tons of koi flags and now I have some tiny plastic and paper koi flags in my luggage :)

Check out all dese blind-go fics!

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[community profile] blind_go reveals for Round 17 have been...revealed!

Here's my fic: 

Title: An earnest wish, granted (part 1 of ?)
Genre: Drama, angst
Wordcount: 3226 so far
Summary: ...how do I summarize this fic. Hikaru is acting funny. Not funny ha ha but funny strange. And yeah his mother is worried, like always, but more worried than always. It's sad and weird. Someone help me summarize this fic properly.  

Click for fic )

Hikago Day!

May. 4th, 2015 10:38 pm
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A few random things to enjoy on May 5: 

1. Blind_go fics are up! My fic is in there somewhere. It is, er, kind of still in first draft form. 

2. This general resource on the manga and anime is amazing. Seriously in-depth, detailed notes on everything and everyone in and about Hikago. Look at this page on Hikaru's grandmother who is only ever mentioned once, not even pictured, in the series. 

I know everyone but me probably knows about this website already, but WOW. 

3. A haunted goban on eBay. Ooooohh.

4. Hikaru no Girl (on Ao3 and ff.net), crossdressing fanfic, which I haven't finished reading yet but which I am finding awesomely hilarious, and Ao3 has been talking about genderbending lately, so. 

5. Agh, I need a number five so I will just ramble. I have been reading the official Viz manga of the Sai arc and Hokuto arc for the first time, and there are a few bits of commentary by Hotta Yumi that I hadn't seen before. The main thing that made me go OMG was the page where she explained the process of checking go stone accuracy: 

"After the manga pages are completed, Yoshida-san the editor and Obata sensei go over the illustrations panel by panel to make sure they match the game record...After that, the Japan Go Association checks it and we make corrections as needed. 

"Even so, sometimes a mistake will slip through. Once, a misplaced go stone was caught by someone operating the press at Kyodo Printing.

"Hikaru no Go has been a labor intensive manga. 

"To Obata sensei's assistants--thank you for your hard work all this time." 

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Blind_go round 16 fics are up! 

I've been too exhausted by work to do any fic writing, so I didn't even get close to finishing my fic. Anyway, it's a fic idea that's been sitting on my hard drive for years and will probably never be finished.

Here's the beginning and end of it in case anyone wants to see: 

Hikaru 1/2 ) 

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Sign-ups are open!

Theme is genderswap, minimum number of words if 500. I'm going to be busy for the next while so I'm not sure I'll be submitting, but I signed up!  

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This is what I submitted for [community profile] blind_go : 

Hand of God by skays on deviantART

I made this in Meritum Paint on iPad in about an hour, which is really fast for me. I like how it turned out. 

Meritum Paint is this app that likes to throw up uncontrollable fwoo fwahs of colour all over the canvas. It's great. I love it. Can you tell I am tired right now. 

I really liked doing a non-fic, low-key round of blind_go. 



Jul. 28th, 2014 11:26 pm
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Wah ha ha submitted something for [community profile] blind_go  yesterday, more than a week early. I like this no pressure, no-sign up, non-fic round.

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Fanart, FSTs, decorative sushi...you can make anything but fic or podfic this round of blind_go!

No sign-up required! Due Aug 4! Let's see if I can pull my act together in time! (I will be away that weekend so it will be hard!)
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I missed the blindgo deadline and I didn't actually do anything for Hikago Day, so I am going to navel-gaze at my own Hikago fics. All the links below go to FF.net because I am laaaaazy. 

Fave serious fic:
Do I have serious fics? Ha ha. Maybe the first part of Hikaru's Game

Fave comedy fic:
Happy as a Pan, probably. 

Fic I need to revise:
The Language of War. This fic is weighed down by the overly thinky main character. But it would be a huge revision job and I don't waaaaanna at least for now. 

Fic I will probably never finish:
Go Wars. I like it, but it looks like way too much work. Anyway, the main purpose of the fic was to eventually make jokes about Waya and Le Ping and the Clone Wars, but  

Fic I should probably finish:
Blind Woe. Only needs one more chapter. 

Fic idea I'll never write: 
A crossover with 1984, where all information pertaining to Sai is censored by the Institute of Truth and go philosophy is transmuted via doublethink into something that makes total sense (the Hand of God is something we should reach for but ultimately unreachable; go is useless but also the most important thing in the world). 

Fic with the most reviews on FF.net:
Hair Today, Go Tomorrow. A fic with ONE JOKE. A lot of the reviews are people saying "hey what does jailbait mean agh I looked it up." I'm proud of my influence on young minds. 

Fic I've gotten the most positive feedback on: 
Kuwabara is Dead (Long Live the Honinbou). Just the other day I was teaching a kid to use death foreshadowing at the beginning of his story and I realized what an easy thing it is to do. And it works!

First Hikago fic:
Go Fish in 2005. So I've been writing in this fandom for...nine years. Egad. 
How my writing has Hikago writing has changed over the years:  
It keeps getting more and more meta. I think that's pretty normal though, right? Right? 

Anyone else want to navel-gaze? Let's turn it into a meme! *chirp chirp cricket chirp* 
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Title: The Games of Winter
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Characters: Waya
Genre: Comedy? Schadenfreude. 
Wordcount: 2751
Summary: Waya is sick, sick, sick.
Note: Guess who missed the [community profile] blind_go  deadline by about an hour?
Waya let the door of his apartment slam shut behind him as he stepped into the genkan )
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Title: Waya in Storyland
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Characters: Waya, Hikaru, Isumi, Akari
Genre: Meta disguised as fic
Wordcount: 8662
Warnings: Lots of mentions of porn but no actual porn.
Summary: Waya is a character in a story and he knows it. It gives him existential angst.
Note: The first half of this story was submitted to round 14 of [community profile] blind_go. Sorry it took so long to post the second half of the story.

Another day at the Institute. Argh. )
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Oops, I missed the deadline for guessing the authors on blind-go! That's what happens when you have visitors visiting. Ah well. It's not like I would have been in the running anyway. I only had a vague idea about the identities of two of the authors ([personal profile] trixie_chick and [personal profile] troisroyaumes, who wrote Taking the Heat and Tanabata respectively), but I had no idea for the rest.

Oh, and here was my fic:

Title: The Games of Summer
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Characters: Hikaru, Waya, Isumi
Genre: Humour and Gen
Wordcount: 701
Summary: Hikaru, Waya and Isumi laze around, complain about the heat, and reminisce about summers past.

Wow, Waya, you really need air con. )


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Happy belated Hikago day! I didn't do to celebrate anything this year, although I've been reading the fics from the latest round of [livejournal.com profile] blind_go and the Let's Five meme at the Dreamwidth community and enjoying it muchly. 

One boring thing I did finally remember to do, though, was upload all my old blind_go fics to my ff.net account:

Two by Four (blind_go round 1)
Waya wakes up beside Touya, and Hikaru wakes up beside Isumi. Much argh is had. 620 words. 

Blind Going In (also round 1)
Touya plays a game of go with a blind man. This version has been edited down a bit from the original version posted on blind_go. 1423 words. 

Across the Board (round 2) 
Eight minor characters, eight hosts for Sai. 975 words. 

Go Wars (round 4) 
On the planet Tokyooine, our young hero Shindou Hikaru lives in happy ignorance of the evil Institute and its nefarious grip on the galaxy's Go. Until one day he meets a ghost of the Old Republic.... Still sadly unfinished, and likely to stay that way. 2556 words. 

Blind Woe (round 5) 
Weekly Go is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with an essay contest! The topic of the essay: an experience that changed your go. All submissions must be typed and double-spaced. A parody of the blind go challenge itself. Will hopefully finish this one day. 11,732 words. 

Fine China (round 9) 
Isumi and Waya in China, and the walls growing between them. Angsty pants. 989 words. 

An Exorcism (round 10) 
A priestess labours to exorcise a ghost on behalf of her client, a housewife in Tokyo. She does not know the ghost, nor does she care to. 1530 words. 

I'm not going to bother posting these on my LJ, so the final versions of these fics will all live on ff.net. Hurray for the Pit! 
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I'm posting this so you might know
I wrote a fic for [livejournal.com profile] blind_go
The authors have been revealed
Check it out they're unconcealed

Chunlan was my user ID
And just like a big fat marquee
It was posted right at the top
(guys please pretend this is hip hop)

Fine China was the name of it
Guess it wasn't a piece of shit
That title was a reference*
Though it didn't really make much sense

But I always like to leave a clue
So the guessers have a chance to
Get it right though it's obscure
It's tough to get it that's for sure

Also there's the fact of my spacing
It's a way of tracing
Me, 'cause when I send it its
Right at the deadline, ends of wits

Loved the fics in this round
Real sweet writing all around
As usual the mods did great
Those ladies they ain't lightweight

Wish I'd had time to participate
In chats we all did anticipate
Maybe next time I'll be better yo
'Cause blind_go is like whoooooaa!
(Everybody go whooooaaa!)

*Well, the reference is buried in the author's note of me olde fic "What Company We Keep," so it was unlikely anyone was going to twig to it, but eh.

Hi Ate Us

Apr. 30th, 2009 01:35 pm
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Going to be in Europe until May 18, won't be reading LJ until I get back, ta ta!

...I didn't finish my [livejournal.com profile] blind_go fic.  :(

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So I've been back in Vancouver for almost three weeks now, and I'm already taking off on a trip to San Francisco for a couple weeks to visit my boyfriend. Since I have no job and no life at the moment, it's the perfect time. :) I've been "visiting" a Japanese course at the local university, but it's not for credit and I'm not paying for it (the teacher is nice), so I don't mind missing it for a couple weeks. Plus I know all the material already.

(Btw if you live anywhere near Bellingham, Washington, Allegiant Air offers SUPER cheap flights to a few select destinations in the US. Las Vegas for $28 one-way??? And they hardly add any taxes on top of that, though they do charge you for checked-in baggage. They have locations in tons of other US cities as well. But really, I only care because Bellingham is so close to Vancouver.)

So it looks like I'll be away for [livejournal.com profile] blind_go  (bling_do?) yet again. Ah well, will read the fics and reaction posts later.

I've been feeling even lazier than usual lately...because, like, I have so much to do with no job. :D I feel very much in limbo right now. Vancouver is my home, but my little town in Japan became my home too, ya know?
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Ack! I missed the signup deadline for [community profile] blind_go! That's what I get for falling off the face of the internet for a month. It's kind of refreshing, actually, not being glued to my laptop all the time. 

So, it's been a month of travelling, crying, packing, crying, goodbyes and enkais, more crying. My town and my school have been really good to me--I was exceptionally lucky in my placement as a JET, and exceptionally lucky in finding great friends. I don't think it's really hit me yet that I'm leaving.  

p.s. If you're ever in Tokyo, do please go to the theme restaurant Alcatraz E.R. and tell them it's your birthday. I'm sure you'll have a good time.  

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