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I've installed a version of Dragon on my computer. Its accuracy level is pretty damn high. I'm using a blue Snowball microphone, and I think this is the right choice because it lets me freely kind of move around this I might have to pick up the blue microphone by Sedo that's that's all right I prefer this over wearing a headset because headsets are uncomfortable on my head, since I wear glasses.
It's still pretty difficult to use voice to text technology because it really changes the way you write., However I think it is worth it in the end, and actually the divorce sex technology is kind of about more than just writing. It's also about controlling your computer and telling it to open programs for you search the web, and so on.
I wonder if I will ever get used to saying to my computer selects this and inserts there and correct the spelling, and so on, but I can really see how powerful it could be. I mean it's something that will ultimately save me time, and my fingers and you know I I a little hesitance to try new things but this really looks like coming I can get behind.
It's actually pretty fun a lot more fun then Google voice recognition which are tried as well. I wonder this pod casters might be better at this than writers like me? I suppose that using this technology might make me a better speaker, which would be really helpful for my profession will by professional life.
Anyway, back to writing – Dragon is different from other voice to text technology in that it's is great for moving your cursor around, selecting things, and doing other towards the commands which I haven't even explored yet because I am just starting to use Dragon right now. I'm not sure if other people use Dragon for editing but I think I might try it out a little bit on this document.
Another thing I haven't tried yet is recording my voice when I'm not in front of the computer and sending them voice file to Dragon to interpret. This sounds like it's might help me to you know use my undead time like waiting at the bus or taking a walk more effectively, so you know instead of just a clicking scenery me thinking about my novel. Actually that sounds kind of awful as I go on walks to think that I guess it is not a do-gooder on walks to exercise.
Well I guess my excuse of you know my hands hurting is not one that I can use anymore,; I can write like this,; this is actually somewhat like writing. I just have to picture the words in my head as I'm speaking. No one well scratch that I haven't heard anyone say this technique yet. Delete., But I suppose that a highly visual person like me is probably have to picture the words in her head and maybe that's what I have to do to make my public speaking better to. I have to actually picture what I'm saying allowed? No, that doesn't sound right. Note that using Dragon include if that.
You can see that this writing method is very different and perhaps a bit disorganized for me. I will probably need to go back and edit this; actually, I won't. I am going to leave it the way it is so that it is really clear what I have been defaced ends the process involved. It'll be interesting to look at this in a year or so and see how far come along with this technology.

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