Jul. 12th, 2016 11:54 pm
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Today I was at a dinner with my 40-something-year-old cousins and their kids and my 26-year-old brother and everyone at the table except my niece from the Philippines was playing Pokemon Go. Then my niece downloaded Pokemon Go. 

Please note that Pokemon Go has not been released in my country yet. 
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How on earth can a game be this beautiful?

Other exciting things about this game:
  • little red-haired girl with sword!
  • "a gorgeous homage to classic 16-bit RPGs like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger" 
  • "a script carefully written in the form of poetry"
  • "playing co-op is especially cool. One player is Aurora (the young girl who’s the main character) while the other is Igniculus, a glowing blue orb. Each one is completely different."
  • "a deep skill tree for each character in your party" 
(Quotes are from an IGN article

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So the gameplay trailer for FF Versus XIII FFXV (name change!) certainly looks outrageously beautiful.

That in-game graphics are sick.

But I can't shake the feeling that this game is Kingdom Hearts with Cloud and Zack instead of Donald and Goofy, and Sasuke fromNaruto instead of Sora. Dude still has his keyblade though.
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Some very awesome person made a romhack of FFVI in which all the playable characters' roles are switched around. S/he changed all the sprites and pronouns and everything.  

Final Fantasy VI Recast is an exploration of how narrative is effected by both audience preconceptions and what an actor brings to their role. All the playable characters have been recast. For example, the part of Edgar is now being played by Terra and the part of Celes is now being played by Setzer. The script is largely the same except for logic and gendered pronoun-related edits, but the statistics and equipment have not been changed. The only difference from the original game is, essentially, cosmetic.

...So while playing the game, think about how your reaction to the narrative changes with this new “actor” and their interpretation of the source material. How does your view of the noble thief change when he’s a big, barrel-chested bear of a man? How does your view of Terra change when its the story of a shy young boy learning to love himself through nurturing others and becoming a father? How does your view of the royal siblings, one a shameless flirt and mechanical expert and the other a martial arts master on a mission of vengeance, change when its a story of sisters rather than brothers? How is the love story changed by making it no longer heteronormative?
I think the thing I like the best is that Sabin and Setzer get to play out Locke and Celes' romance. Uwee hee hee! 

I found the romhack through the fuckyeahfinalfantasyvi tumblr, which is awesome for any FF6 fan. 

And the romhack is part of the Video Games of the Oppressed blog, which seems very cool in general. Love the write-ups on Tactics Ogre, Earthbound and, uh, Benthic Love – An Anglerfish Dating Sim.


Jun. 26th, 2010 09:17 pm
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If you have ever played a Mario game, or even just know what a Mario game is supposed to sound like, these videos will make you smile like crazy.

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I think I remember someone on my flist describing FFXII as "a good game, FAR too long," which is a good summary of the game if you ask me.

Thoughts, spoilers, yadda yadda )

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Wow, make my LJ profile page more ugly please. Was going to post a screenshot of how awful my profile page looks on my monitor--the words are running into each other!--but decided that would take too much effort and probably everyone is seeing the same thing, right? Or is it just my weird screen resolution on my widescreen laptop?

Anyway, I went to a video game concert last week! I am such a geek.

Video Games Live concert )

Heh, I actually copied and pasted this description of the concert from an email I sent to my friends. Yay for plagiarizing myself! Saves so much time.

Zzzz. Me go bed now.

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