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I've been having a lot of meta thoughts about sports anime lately, thanks to Haikyuu!! and Yuri!!! On Ice (what is it with exclamation points in anime titles nowadays). Also Chihayafuru, which feels like a really underappreciated series grumble grumble.

Anyway, today I want to talk about the idea of "Real Life" in sports anime and manga. Ha ha. I'm going to identify some series that are so focused on sports that they are almost escapist, and then sports series that have a lot of Life in them, and then I'm going to talk about how some sports series let you escape for a while and then inject a dose of Life in them through what I call "Life Intrusion Moments." And then I'm going to relate this to other genres, and to writing in general. 

Note: I haven't done enough research to write a real essay here, and I'm going to only cut out the worst spoilers, so yeah, this bit of meta will mainly be for me me me me me. Also, I've never seen some of the really important sports series out there (like most of Eyeshield 21, Hajime no Ippo, and pretty much all of the baseball and soccer ones, yikes), and I haven't seen any series with female stars, so this is going to necessarily be a limited analysis of whatever I feel like and know. Wah. 

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So my mom has finished watching all of Prince of Tennis (she didn't seem surprised at all by the ending) and she doesn't want to watch any of the OAVs because they don't really finish their story lines.

Can anyone rec another series for her to watch? 

She likes:
-silly, unrealistic stuff (eg: she likes Yowamushi Pedal and doesn't like Haikyuu) 
-finished series

As much as I would love to give her Slam Dunk, I think it would be too slow for her. :(  

[Edit] I forgot the mention that she has already seen Kuroko no Basket!

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Yesterday's lunchtime PA announcement: Today's menu is hamburger, cheese, ketchup, blah blah blah blah blah. Oh, and it's Valentine's Day so we're going to play the song "Valentine Kiss."

Me: *utterly fails to recognize song*

Me: (to student) Who sings this song?

Student: I dunno.

Me: *finishes eating lunch*

(The next day, upon checking my flist)

Me: Jesus Christ.

You see what havoc the time difference wreaks on my life? 
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Today I saw the prince of tennis at the local courts, I kid you not. I was passing by on the bus when I saw an old man hitting a ball against the wall NITOURYUU style! He had a racket in each hand and was hitting alternately with his left and right without missing a shot for the 15 seconds or so that I watched him. How awesome is that?

About thirty seconds later I saw a girl dressed as a pirate in a parking lot, along with a boy who had a mountie hat on and a man with a skullcap. They all seemed to be together. I wonder if they were going to a costume party? It's probably not kosher to dress up as a Jew though.

...okay, there was probably more going on there than I knew and I'm being offensive.

Overall, had a really good day today. When your prof extends the deadline on a paper it's like you've got a new lease on life. Everything looks so cheerful, the world is beautiful, bird poo misses you by a mere foot and you don't get freaked out (this also happened today) and LJ actually gets updated for once.
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Is there any crossover fic out there about the Golden Pair of Seigaku and the Golden Pair of Kolkhoz High (Ranma 1/2)?

Because I could totally see this scenario where Mikado "accidentally" bumps into one of the more girly-looking memebers of the Seigaku tennis club (aka: Fuji) and has to apologize for his rudeness with a kiss and then Kikumaru comes along and is aghast that his best friend is getting assaulted frenched by a handsome male stranger while Fuji is totally amused and not enlightening Mikado on who he just kissed and then Azusa notices how gosh darn cute that widdle Kikumaru is and names him Lyonette and Oishi is not amused so they have to have a MARTIAL ARTS FIGURE SKATING BATTLE ROYALE which Kikumaru would be awesome at except he can't skate alas and so on.

Also, has anyone had the audacity to do a crossover or fusion with Shindou Hikaru (Hikaru no Go) and Shidou Hikaru (Magic Knights Rayearth)?

Mreow! I can totally see why no one has written these fics yet.
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Whooboy, where have I been? Er, happy new year? Happy Friday the 13th?

Title: Endgame
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Characters: Tezuka, Ryoma
Genre: AU. Shortfic.
Spoilers: Very vague ones. Fuhgeddaboutit.
Summary: If Echizen's tennis had been perfect to begin with, where would Tezuka be?

The alpha and the omega )
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You know you watch too much PoT when someone named Momoko emails you at work and you automatically think "Tenipuri crack chibi episodes!" instead of "what the hell kind of name is that?"

(And you don't think of Wedding Peach either)

One of my co-workers did ask me what the hell kind of name Momoko is, so I calmly explained that it's Japanese and means peach. They didn't ask me how I knew.

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This has probably been done a million times, but...

A PoT Primer )

Inspired by a similar thing that [livejournal.com profile] reality_is did for Slam Dunk. I would link to it except I can't seem to find it anymore...if anyone knows where a permanent link to it exists, please drop me a line.

And if anyone has anything to add to the PoT Primer, please also drop me a line!

Also, I KNOW Pokemon can't evolve during battle in the actual video game yadda daya ya. It's only in the TV series that they do that. Though according to [livejournal.com profile] shinra_lackey they sorta can. But she knows this stuff better than me. In her words: "total geek."

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