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Tried rewriting my terrible nano novel as a terrible short story, and the process has been extremely helpful. Now I kind of know where the story is headed and what the point of the story is. Only took me some 70,000+ words, durrr. 

Now it's time to rethink some the characters, do some outlining, and rewrite everything I've written, sigh. 

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Thank you to everyone who cheered me along and congratulated me for finishing NaNo,yo! It's been so much fun even with the sleep deprivation and stress and carpal tunnel and the itchy rash I developed a few days ago. I am still kind of amazed I didn't quit after day two. It's all thanks to all of YOU and your kind encouragement.  

As a reward to myself, I didn't write AT ALL this weekend. (Not a good sign!) Instead I played board/card games, went to a house warming, tutored English for moneys, went to high tea, vacuumed, and cleaned my bathroom. Oh, and found a disgusting buildup of mould on my bedroom windows, because during the month of November I didn't open my curtains at all and my windows apparently let in quite a bit of mould-creating condensation. That is the price of NaNo: window mould.

More blah blah blah about NaNo )
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About 40,000 words! Looks like I'm going to make it to 50,000 before the end of the month!
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When I created my Scrivener project, I elected to make a novel without parts, and now I wish I had selected "Novel (with parts)."

Anyone know a way to change my project quickly so it has parts in it? I really don't want to start a new project and copy and paste everything over.
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"Inspiration is seductive and thrilling, but you can’t depend on it to call you. It doesn’t work that way. The good thing is, inspiration is irrelevant to whether or not you finish your book. The only thing that determines that is your own sense of discipline."

NaNoWriMo pep talk from Malinda Lo
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At the end of day six I have:

4180 words on novel 1 (on hold)
7933 words on novel 2 (ongoing)

So I guess I am on track if you count novel 1.

Also: Scrivener is a pretty amazing program for writing and I am thinking of buying it once the trial period is over.
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Is it a bad idea to attempt NaNoWriMo with only a core idea for a novel sketched out? With no clear plan for the plot? 

I know the answer is probably YES, but I just want to hear someone else say it I think? Especially someone who's done NaNo before. [personal profile] tuulentupa? It's because of your post about NaNo that I'm even thinking of this~ 

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