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Utada Hikaru's music video for "Passion," the theme song to Kingdom Hearts 2, sucks ass. Unfortunately. :( It starts out pretty well and gets worse as it goes along. But at least some of the imagery is tied to the game.
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Friday, September 22 is OneWebDay.

According to [profile] quixotic_sense, the most appropriate way to celebrate how the internet has changed our lives is through p0rn.

Therefore, I hereby declare today's theme song to be "The Internet is For Porn" (from the wicked musical Avenue Q). Does anyone have an MP3 of this?

And to further celebrate the wtf-ness that is the internet, check out this Kingdom Hearts 2 video set to "The Internet is For Porn." There are a ton of videos on YouTube that use this song. But I like this one the best. Sora is such a woobie, and Axel...well, he likes his porn. Makes you realize how expressive the character modelling is in KH2.

[Edit] [profile] quixotic_sense has provided the mp3 for "The Internet is For Porn." Thank ye!
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Lookie here, a Kingdom Hearts 2 fic! Starts directly from the end of the game. Spoilers, kind of. No spoilers for the sekkrit ending though.

So, I've read all the [community profile] blind_go fics (and have written down about three guesses, yay). Alas, blind_go is almost over. I feel sad. What will I do without a glut of Hikago fics to agonize over?

Actually, what I'm really feeling sad about is that I can't go to the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, or to yonder ginormous Sumo tournament (also in Tokyo), or to a nearby Samurai parade, because I'll be cooking chicken adobo for fifty people at my town's Holland Festival. Yeah, that's right. Holland Festival. In Japan.

Admittedly, it's more of an international festival than anything, I think (hence the chicken adobo), but the poster has cute Dutch people dancing on it and there are Dutch flags hanging all over town. They compliment the windmill and dairy cows nicely.

I may sound weirded out but I love my town. :)

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