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I totally don't have time for this right now but can anyone recommend fics centered on Teddy Ruxpin Lupin?

Is there such a thing as Teddy Ruxpin fics?
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Title: Waiting for Harry
Fandom: Harry Potter

Characters: Ron/Hermione, a little bit of Harry
Spoilers: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Summary: Ron and Hermione are waiting for Harry to get that seventh Horcrux, and so are we. Meta-textual.

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Behold, an upcoming Xbox 360 game starring Frederic Chopin!

Of course the soundtrack is going to feature Chopin's piano music, as performed by Russian Stanislav Bunin. And also compositions by Sakuraba Motoi!!!!!! I like Sakuraba Motoi. I would love to hear him do arrangements of Chopin pieces. I like Chopin too.

I read the entire Msscribe story yesterday. It seems like everyone on my flist is reading it. It is the frightening tale of how one woman's wank changed the HP fandom world!...for the worse. God, who has the time and energy to create and maintain several gazillion sycophantic/trollish sockpuppet LJs? And what does it say about us outsiders who enjoy reading about it? It's like reading the tabloids. Very good entertainment, very good schadenfreude.

On a related note, I've never had the (dis)pleasure of being involved in a wanky fandom. In fact, the only fandom I've been strongly involved in is Hikago. And Hikago...well, let's look at Hikago.

It says a lot that this list is probably the wankiest Hikago thing anyone I know has done this year.

[Edit]: Now with Touya Kouyo/hotpants crack!edit action, courtesy of [profile] frozen_yoghurt who is so going to hell.

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