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The Ordeal (509 words) 
Fandom: FF4
Characters: Tellah, Cecil, Palom, Porom
Summary: A very silly story about what could happen if you overuse the "Peninsula of Power Levelling" located north of Mt. Ordeals.

Link to fic on A03
Link to fic on FF.net 

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Title: The Youngest Oldest Summoner In the World
Fandom: FF4
Genre: Humour
Characters: Rydia and the rest 
Wordcount: 1543 words 
Summary: Rydia's life is not the most chronologically logical. A silly account of Rydia's growing up in FFIV and not growing old in FFIV: The After Years. The spiritual successor to my other fic "Do Not Talk to Mountains (They Talk Back)."
Link to story at Archiveofourown.org
Link to story at Fanfiction.net


Feb. 2nd, 2017 09:09 pm
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I seem to have deleted a 5000-word FFIV story when I was moving files around. Only the much, much older version with like 500 words is still around. I can't find the new version in my Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive garbage bins...or my desktop or laptop recycle bins...I must have saved over it. 

Argh. It was a crappy story, and I wrote it before Get Your Words Out started, but it is still kind of killing me that it's gone. 

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Title: The Very Secret Diary of Golbez, Clad in the Dark
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy 012
Characters: Golbez all the way, baby
Genre: Comedy
Wordcount: 457
Summary: Golbez's diary through thirteen boring, boring cycles of Dissidia.
Spoilers: Dissidia 012, FF4, and one BIG ONE for FF7
Note: Everyone remembers the Very Secret Diaries, right? I am borrowing the idea. And the writing style. For I have no originality! But that is true of many. 


Ha ha ha ha ha. )

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Title: How to Train Your Dragoon
Fandom: FF4
Characters: Kain, Cagnazzo, Golbez, Baigan
Genre: Huuuuumooouuurrr.
Rating: Immature. 
Wordcount: 3507
Summary: Golbez and his lackeys mess with Kain to get him to join the dark side.

You are telling me, Golbez was telling Baigan... )


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Title: Do Not Talk to Mountains (They Talk Back)
Fandom: FF4, FF4: The After Years
Characters: Edge, Kain, Rydia. Some Cecil, Rosa, Ceodore.
Genre: CRACK.
Wordcount: 2763 
Summary: Edge tries to talk Kain off the mountain and gets an earful of nonsense. After which the story stops even trying to make sense.
Note: Written in response to [personal profile] seventhe's Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange prompt from a previous year:
Edge! His past, something introspective, post-game: anything's fine. Interactions with other characters encouraged: I like the Rydia/Edge and Edge/Kain relationships, but I'd be just as happy seeing Edge interact with Cecil and Rosa. Further prompts: memories, ninja traditions, "why are you wearing that?"

Warning! Spoilers for FFIV: The After Years in the second half of the fic! 

KAaaaaaaaiiIIInnn! )


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Title: My Girlfriend’s Parents Are Monsters and That's Okay
Fandom: FF4.
Characters: Edge, Rydia, Asura, Leviathan, some Cecil, Rosa, Kain
Genre: Comedy, Romance, a little Angst
Summary: Edge meets Asura and Leviathan for the first time. They're weird, but that's okay. At least Rydia still has parents. Oh, and Cecil and Kain have major daddy issues.

Being a sneaky busybody might be part of Edge's nature )

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La la la, I should write something about Europe but I am too lazy, so I'm posting a lame FF4 fic (if it can be called that) instead.

Title: Lali Ho! Of Dwarves and Men (And Occasionally Women)
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV (Original Game )

Characters: Giott, Luca, cast
Genre: Parody
Spoilers: for the whole game
Rating: K+ for a few bad words
Summary: Have you ever noticed before that the dwarves in FFIV are the most amazingly trusting (gullible) little lumpheads?

Poor Dwarves )


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Written for [personal profile] readerofasaph just for the hell of it in the aftermath of [community profile] blind_go round 1. She wanted a Cecil/Kain/Rosa love triangle. This version is almost exactly the same as the original comment fic.

I guess I should finish posting these things now that the sign-ups for blind_go round 3 are open. *ducks*

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